New Managing Director of the Student Council

Vaka Lind Birkisdóttir has been hired as the new Managing Director at the office of the Student Council of the University of Iceland. Vaka Lind is a 26-year-old master’s student in International Politics at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland, from which she will graduate this autumn. She has previously completed a BA degree in Sociology with Economics as a minor at the University of Iceland. Vaka Lind graduated from Menntaskólinn við Hamrahlíð.

The Student Council’s work is not unknown to Vaka, as she was a vice-representative of the Student Council 2017-2018, on behalf of the School of Social Sciences, and then the main representative for the year 2018-2019. In addition, she served on the board of the School of Social Sciences and was a member of the Student Council’s Culture and Social Events Committee.

Vaka Lind was also active in within her field of studies and was the treasurer of NORM, the student association of Sociology, as well as organizing the association’s events. Vaka Lind is currently a master representative on the MSF board (Doctors Without Borders) at Trinity College.

Vaka has previous work experience as a treasurer at Skatturinn as well as being in customer service for two years. Before that she worked for UN Women. Vaka was given very good recommendation and it was mentioned in particular how solution-oriented, reliable, sociable and open she was in communication.

Vaka Lind has extensive knowledge of student affairs, experience in financial management, the ability to work independently, willingness to work with the Student Council as a whole and education that is useful in the work of the Managing Director. Due to this, the Board of the Student Council decided to hire Vaka Lind Birkisdóttir to work at the rights office of the Student Council of the University of Iceland in the position of Managing Director and looks forward to working with her for the benefit of students.


International Officer elected President of Aurora’s Student Council

Alma Ágústsdóttir was recently elected the president of the Aurora Student Council which belongs to the international collaborative university network Aurora. She will be replacing Callum Perry who was appointed on behalf of the University of East Anglia and she is the second student at the University of Iceland to be appointed as the council’s president, her predecessor, Elísabet Brynjarsdóttir, held the position from 2018-2020.

Alma is a 26 year old masters’ student of Translation Studies at the University of Iceland and holds a BA-degree in English from the University. In 2015, Alma graduated from Hamrahlíð College but that same year she won The International Public Speaking Competition, held yearly by the international charity organisation The English-Speaking Union. She subsequently worked at the organisation’s offices in London, in the summers of 2017 and 2018, as an Education Network Officer. Additionally, she has been hired twice as a mentor for the competition and in 2021 she judged the finals. Alma has also worked as a Supporting Officer at the after-school programme Selið since 2016.

Alma has extensive experience when it comes to Student Council. In 2016 she was elected a member of the Student Council, that year she was also the president of the school council of the School of Humanities, held a seat on the Student Council’s board and was the Council’s secretary. Currently, Alma is the Student Council’s International Officer.

Student Council meeting July 21st 2021

The Student Council’s next meeting will be held in Oddi-201 at 5:00 p.m. July 21st.

According to paragraph 9 of the Student Council’s laws, the Council’s meetings are open to all students at the University of Iceland. Students who are not members of the Student Council may therefore attend meetings and listen to discussions within the Council.

Please contact the office of the Student Council at if you have any questions regarding the meeting or the agenda. Furthermore, all students are welcome to contact the office with inquiries about their rights.

Meeting agenda

  1. Meeting begins 17:00
  2. Vote/approval on minutes from last meeting 17:00-17:05
  3.  Announcements and issues ahead 17:05-17:20
  4. Presentation on the Teaching Academy and Sprettur 17:20-18:05
  5. Proposal regarding Næturstrætó (night bus services)  18:05-18:20
  6. Intermission 18:20-18:30
  7. Code of practice of the Student Council (Vote) 18:30-18:40
  8. Appointment of student representatives to the board of the Icelandic Student Services (Vote) 18:40-18:50
  9. Other issues 18:50-19:00
  10. Recorded issues