Student Council meeting November 25th 2021

The Student Council’s next meeting will be held in L-101 at 5:00 p.m. on November 25th.

According to paragraph 9 of the Student Council’s laws, the Council’s meetings are open to all students at the University of Iceland. Students who are not members of the Student Council may therefore attend meetings and listen to discussions within the Council.

Please contact the office of the Student Council at if you have any questions regarding the meeting or the agenda. Furthermore, all students are welcome to contact the office with inquiries about their rights.

Meeting agenda

  1. Meeting begins 17:00
  2. Vote/approval on minutes from last meeting 17:00-17:05
  3.  Announcements and issues ahead 17:05-17:25
  4. Presentation of a questionnaire: Students’ attitudes towards changes in their studies and teaching at the University of Iceland due to the COVID-19 epidemic in the spring semester of 2021 17:20-18:00
  5. Nominations to the electoral board 18:00-18:15
  6. Proposal regarding work permits for newly graduated psychologists 18:15-18:30
  7. Intermission 18:30-18:40
  8. Report of the Student Council’s workgroup in regards to the parliamentary elections 2021 19:00-19:15
  9. Re-examinations at the University of Iceland 18:30-18:45
  10. Gender neutral bathrooms 18:45-19:00
  11. Other issues 19:15-19:25
  12. Meeting ends 19:25
  13. Recorded issues

Announcement by the Student Council due to the increase of coronavirus infections

The conditions we face due to the large number of coronavirus infections do understandably affect our environment and thus our well-being, which can affect our learning and its progress.

The government’s measures in line with the proposal by the Chief Epidemiologist have now been announced, and a new regulation will make it possible to better map the response of the university community. The Student Council’s Rights Office is in contact with the University’s authorities and seeks to meet students different situations in light of the rapid spread of the virus, especially so shortly before the final exams of the fall semester, but no less because of the holidays.

It is important that measures are taken with the health of students and staff in the foreground and that the many tools that the University has learned from in previous semesters are utilised so that the current semester can be completed safely.