Announcement from the Student Council regarding the study selection at the University of Iceland

The Student Council’s Rights Office is aware of the discussion that has taken place in recent days regarding distance learning at the University of Iceland. The Student Council has advocated for increased electronic teaching on the one hand and increased distance learning on the other hand in various ways and will continue to do so.

Regarding electronic learning, it has been a clear call of the Council that teaching methods should be developed with regard to the times we live in, with increased technology and more diverse teaching methods. Progress has been made with the introduction of an electronic examination system as well as a new study supervision system. In addition, there are other electronic solutions that are supposed to promote teaching development and it is important to continue to build on. After the challenges we have been going through for the past year and a half, electronic teaching methods should no longer be unfamiliar to us. It is important that the university can continue to respond to unforeseen student situations and thereby acquire flexibility in teaching methods, e.g. with recordings and streaming of lessons. The students’ call for more technological teaching methods is about ensuring access to studies and promoting equality among students.

With regard to distance learning, it is clear that the University of Iceland must do better if it is to meet the needs of a wider group of students. The distance learning plan of the University of Iceland will be implemented in the near future, and before that the Student Council will have access to it for review, and it will also be presented to students and staff. Today, certain study programs are available in distance learning and the School of Education has been at the forefront in this respect. It is important to look at the experience and work that is already taking place within the university and utilize it in other fields of study so that it will be possible to increase the selection of distance learning.

Equal access to education is a concern for students and is one of their most important interests. The Student Council’s Rights Office will continue to put pressure on it to be at the forefront with all available means. The most important thing is that the quality of the studies and teaching is ensured, because the University of Iceland must offer good and competitive education.

Student Council meeting October 20th 2021

The Student Council’s next meeting will be held in L-101 at 5:00 p.m. on October 20th.

According to paragraph 9 of the Student Council’s laws, the Council’s meetings are open to all students at the University of Iceland. Students who are not members of the Student Council may therefore attend meetings and listen to discussions within the Council.

Please contact the office of the Student Council at if you have any questions regarding the meeting or the agenda. Furthermore, all students are welcome to contact the office with inquiries about their rights.

Meeting agenda

  1. Meeting begins 17:00
  2. Vote/approval on minutes from last meeting 17:00-17:05
  3.  Announcements and issues ahead 17:05-17:25
  4. University of Iceland’s policy for the period 2021-2026 17:25-18:15
  5. New branding for the University of Iceland 18:15-18:45
  6. Intermission 18:45-18:55
  7. The Student Council’s financial plan for 2021-2022 18:55-19:10
  8. Vote on a proposal regarding re-examinations at the University of Iceland 19:10-19:25
  9. Other issues 19:25-19:35
  10. Meeting ends 19:35

The Student Fund open for applications for 1st allocation

You can now apply for grants in the first allocation of the Student fund here. Deadline is October 21st. We encourage you to follow the instructions in the application form closely. Failure to meet the requirements of the application can result in the application being declined.

Before you apply, it is recommended that you read about the fund on the Student Council‘s website, especially the laws of the fund. Diagnostic and maintenance grants will be available in the next allocation.

Questions shall be directed to María Sól Antonsdóttir, the fund’s chairperson. María can be reached by email at