The Student Fund opens for applications for its 3rd allocation

You can now apply for grants in the first allocation of the Student fund here. Deadline is February 28th. We encourage you to follow the instructions in the application form closely. Failure to meet the requirements of the application can result in the application being declined.

Before you apply, it is recommended that you read about the fund on the Student Council‘s website, especially the laws of the fund. Diagnostic and maintenance grants will be available in the next allocation.

Questions shall be directed to María Sól Antonsdóttir, the fund’s chairperson. María can be reached by email at

Student Council meeting February 16th

The Student Council’s next meeting will be held February 16th in L-101 at 17:00.

According to paragraph 9 of the Student Council’s laws, the Council’s meetings are open to all students at the University of Iceland. Students who are not members of the Student Council may therefore attend meetings and listen to discussions within the Council.

Please contact the office of the Student Council at if you have any questions regarding the meeting or the agenda. Furthermore, all students are welcome to contact the office with inquiries about their rights.

Meeting agenda

  1. Meeting begins 17:00
  2. Vote/approval on minutes from last meeting 17:00-17:05
  3.  Announcements and issues ahead 17:05-17:25
  4. The Student Council’s policy 17:25-17:40
  5. Planning and transport issues at the University of Iceland 17:40-18:00
  6. Proposal for the appointment of SC’s representatives at the National Assembly of the National Union of Icelandic Students 18:00-18:15
  7. Intermission 18:15-18:25
  8. Mental health resources at the University of Iceland 18:25-18:40
  9. Proposal for a resolution about Stapi being used for student housing again 18:40-18:55
  10. Proposal on the limited access of student outside the EEA on the labour market 18:55-19:10
  11. Other issues 19:10-19:20
  12. Meeting ends 19:20

The meeting takes place in Icelandic.

Pre-sale price for Friðrik Dór’s concert for students at the University of Iceland

Open the gates!

After a long wait, Friðrik Dór is performing in Harpa on the occasion of his new album Dætur March 11th.

The Student Council and Paxal are offering students at the University of Iceland tickets at a presale price until February 14th.

!Get your ticket here!

Let’s cross our fingers, warm up for Októberfest and see each other in Silfurberg!

Survey on the well-being and status of students at the University of Iceland during COVID-19

The Student Council has submitted another survey on the well-being and status of students at the University of Iceland during COVID-19. The goal is to gain a better insight into your situation and thus be able to identify ways to improve. It is important to evaluate the situation in order to react accordingly.

Students have received the survey on their UI e-mail addresses and the Student Council requests that it be answered before February 17th. The survey can also be accessed right here.