Student Council Meeting on June 22nd 2022

The Student Council’s next meeting will be held June 22nd in L-101 at 17:00.

According to paragraph 9 of the Student Council’s laws, the Council’s meetings are open to all students at the University of Iceland. Students who are not members of the Student Council may therefore attend meetings and listen to discussions within the Council.

Please contact the office of the Student Council at if you have any questions regarding the meeting or the agenda. Furthermore, all students are welcome to contact the office with inquiries about their rights.

Meeting agenda

  1. Meeting begins 17:00
  2. Vote/approval on minutes from last meeting 17:00-17:05
  3.  Announcements and issues ahead 17:05-17:35
  4. Presentation on the Aurora collaboration 17:35-18:00
  5. Code of practice of the Student Council 18:00-25
  6. Intermission 18:25-18:35
  7. Appointment of a student representative to the University Council’s Planning Committee, Council for Disability Rights and an observer in the Security Committee.
  8. Other issues 18:45-18:55
  9. Recorded issues
  10. Meeting ends 19:00

The meeting takes place in Icelandic.


The University Council approves a proposal for a new implementation of the period of medical exams and re-examination

A proposal for a new implementation of the period of medical exams and re-examination at the School of Social Sciences was approved by the University Council on 2 June! The matter was initially brought up by the Student Council and student representatives on the University Council at a University Council meeting on 4 November 2021. The proposal was workshopped and approved by the Board of the School of Social Sciences in consultation with the Division of Academic Affairs, with diligent work from the Board’s student representative. The approval of the proposal means that the autumn semester’s medical exams and re-examination at the School of Social Sciences will take place in December and January, not June, as has been the case.

This is a cause for celebration, as students have advocated for a revision of the medical and re-examination system at the School of Social Sciences for years. The Student Council and student representatives on the University Council look forward to seeing the matter through. 

The changes are expected to take effect in the academic year 2023-2024, and the Student Council has high hopes for continued cooperation with the university’s administration. At the meeting on June 2, student representatives on the University Council, Isabel Alejandra Diaz and Jessý Rún Jónsdóttir said the following, as recorded in the meeting’s minutes:

“Representatives of students in the University Council consider the review of the arrangement of medical and re-examinations at the School of Social Sciences to be long overdue and welcome the new proposal for implementation that has emerged, following the Student Council’s presentation at the University Council meeting on November 4, 2021. At the same time which was undertaken in the will of the student representatives underline that it must be ensured that a new implementation will take place before the university year 2023-2024, as has been agreed.

A new implementation is an acceptable solution for those involved and it is clear that the natural next step is to consider overall coordination of the teaching calendar across all Schools. The student representative would like to emphasise that this work, that everyone agrees to, in principle, should not slow down or prevent the implementation of the new arrangement of medical and re-examination within the School of Social Sciences. Representatives of students in the University Council as well as the Student Council have high hopes that the consultation will be solution-oriented and successful for the benefit of students, since it is clear that their interests are at stake.. We welcome these planned changes at the same time as we emphasise that the implementation will be realised as planned. “

Student representatives for The University Council committees

According to Article 21 of the Student Council’s Laws, the Student Council shall appoint student representatives to the committees of the University Council. At this time we are looking for a students representative for the Planning Committee, two students representatives for the Council for Disability Rights as well as an observer in the Security Committee. Periods for the Planning Committee and the Security Committee are one year and three years for the Council for Disability Rights. 


  • Interest in the work of the Student Council and students’ affairs 
  • Initiative and ability to work independently
  • Good communication skills
  • Active participation in the university community is an advantage
  • Knowledge of the administration of the University of Iceland is an advantage

For the Council for Disability Rights at least one of the student representative must fit the definition of special needs persons as stated in paragraph 1, Article 1 of the Regulation on disability services for study at the University of Iceland, no. 481/2010.

The Student Council will elect the representatives to the committees. More information about the committee’s work can be found on the UI’s website

If you are interested please send an email to before 23:59 June 17th. The application must contain a CV, brief introduction of the applicant, a description of his interest and experience that he considers to be useful in the committee.