Would you like to work on planning Októberfest 2022?

The Student Council of the University of Iceland is advertising for an interested and hard-working individual to take on a part-time job for SHÍ. This is a 30% temporary position that is all about planning, marketing and implementation at Októberfest. The working period begins on July 25th and ends on September 15th. 

Main projects and areas of responsibility:

  • Communication with contractors
  • Supervision of marketing matters in consultation with SHÍ
  • General management of Októberfest by SHÍ
  • Summary and report after the festival

Qualification requirements:

  • Event management experience
  • Experience in marketing
  • Good communication skills, organizational skills and independent work methods
  • Interest and knowledge of the Student Council desirable

The individual is employed part-time for the period stated above. Further information about the job can be obtained from the Student Council’s Rights Office, tel. 570-0850 or at shi@hi.is 

An introductory letter along with a curriculum vitae shall be sent by e-mail to the Council’s e-mail address: shi@hi.is marked “Employee Októberfest SHÍ”. The application deadline is at 23:59 on 17 July 2022. Applications received later will not be considered.

An address from the Student Council of the University of Iceland to newly elected municipal councillors of the capital area.

The Student Council of the University of Iceland has sent all newly elected municipal councillors in the capitol area an address (only available in Icelandic) that calls for increased efforts when it comes to matters of students‘ interests in their coming term.

The municipal council holds the deciding power in several areas that touch on students‘ interests, such as environmental-, transport- and housing matters and a large portion of students live in municipalities that fall under the capitol area.

The address lists the Students Councils main emphases in these matters along with suggested action plans for the municipal council. The majority of these suggestions feature simple changes that can be made for the clear betterment of students‘ interests, as well as other societal groups, rather than a complete overhaul of existing systems. A large portion of these suggestions should therefore be easily implementable at no great additional cost to officials.

Societal changes for the better, that take into account the various groups that make up our society, require political will. The Student Council challenges our newly elected officials to see this political will through in their work in implementing these ideas in the interest of students.

Appointment of managing director and editor at the Student Council’s office

Guðmundur Ásgeir Guðmundsson and Lísa Margrét Gunnarsdóttir have been added to the group of staff at the Student Council’s rights office.

Guðmundur Ásgeir has been hired as the new managing director of the Student Council of the University of Iceland.

Guðmundur is a 25 year old business student at the University of Iceland and has previously completed a B.Sc. degree in Accounting from the University of Providence. Guðmundur Ásgeir graduated from Menntaskólinn í Reykjavík in 2017 and completed the Advanced Level Exam in Piano Playing in 2018. In parallel with his studies, Guðmundur worked at the University of Providence as a pianist for local events, as a private tutor in accounting and as a notetaker for TRIO-center (Students with disabilities). He also participated in social work as President of the Accounting Club at the University of Providence.

Guðmundur is very interested in accounting and auditing, and his education will be useful in the role of managing director. His teamwork and communication skills are efficient, he has the ability to work independently, and the willingness to work with the Student Council as a whole. The Board of the Student Council, therefore, decided to hire Guðmundur Ásgeir Guðmundsson to work at the rights office of the Student Council of the University of Iceland for the position of managing director of the council, and we look forward to working with him!
Lísa Margrét Gunnarsdóttir has been hired as the new editor of the Student Council of the University of Iceland. Lísa is a 27 year old student at the Icelandic department of the University of Iceland and will be completing her B.A. degree in Icelandic next spring with a minor in Psychology. She graduated from Menntaskólinn við Hamrahlíð in 2015. Lísa is not unfamiliar with the activities of the Student Council. She has served on both the Gender Equality and International Affairs Committee of SHÍ as well as being a member of the School Council of the School of Humanities. Lísa was part of the Student Paper‘s editorial team last year, where she wrote articles, translated and proofread, as well as edited individual articles and posted them on the Student Paper‘s website.

Lísa has a clear vision of what she wants to do as an editor. She wants to promote that the Student Paper is a forum where a diverse group of students at the University of Iceland can make their voices heard, and bring it closer to students by increasing the number of submitted articles. Lísa wants to appoint a strong editorial board and emphasise good collaboration with all those connected to the Student Council, which will then be reflected in the work. As the language of all students, Lísa believes that the Student Paper should take into account the colourful flora of human life that characterises the university community. The board of the Student Council therefore decided to hire Lísa Margrét Gunnarsdóttir to work at the rights office of the Student Council of the University of Iceland in the position of editor of the council, and we look forward to the collaboration!