Hidden Iceland

Hidden Iceland is a family-owned travel company that specializes in both short and long trips around Iceland with a tour guide. Hidden Iceland gives a 25% discount to all students with the student card on any of the tours at all time!

The Student Cellar

With the student card, students get the best beer prices at The Student Cellar!

Tuborg Green for 590 kr, Tuborg Classic for 690 kr, Guinness for 790 kr, Kronenbourg Blanc for 990 kr and Bríó á 690 kr.

Reykjavík Escape

Reykjavík Escape gives students access to Escape rooms for only 3000 kr. per person, every Tuesday throughout the school year.


Borgarleikhúsið offers students a 1000 kr. discount on theatre tickers if they are bought on show day. Also 25 year olds and younger get a 50% discount on each ticket if purchased are 4 (or more) tickets.

Bíó Paradís

Bíó Paradís offers students a 25% discount on movie tickets with the student card.

Rvk Cocktails

Rvk Cocktails offers students a 20% discount for the Cocktail school work shop at Snaps this winter, with the student card. At the workshop, participants learn the fundamentalss of cocktail making and make together three exciting cocktails under the guidance of a cocktail master.

Magic Ice Gallery

Magic Ice Gallery offers students a 2 for 1 on the price list with the student card.