Augljós Laser Augnlækningar

Augljós Laser Augnlækningar offers student a discount on LASIK-procedure, for 446.000 kr. (full price is 496.000 kr.) and on transPRK procedures for 385.000 kr (full price 435.000 kr.) with the student card. Jóhannes Kristinsson is a specialist in laser- and cornea procedures from the Duke university in North Carolina. Augljós is the newest company in this field founded in 2012. Welcome all, time schedules by phone at 414 7000.

World Class Vatnsmýri

Students receive a 30% discount on 3, 6, 9 and 12 month cards in World Class Vatnsmýri upon presentation of the Student Card. Please note that the cards are only sold in World Class in Vatnsmýri and are only valid at that station. Students receive 15% discount on cards in other World Class stations.


Sjónlag ophthalmology center offers students a discount with the student card.


PLUSMINUS OPTIC offers students a 15% discount on spectacles upon presentation of the Student Card.

Yoga Shala

Yoga Shala offers students a 15% discount on all cards valid for open classes (except subscription cards) with the student card.


Perform offers students up to a 15% discount on products, both in store and online. To use the discount in the store you must show your student card. To youse the discount online you must type in the promo code „histudent”


Mjölnir offers students a 20% discount on a 9 month membership with the student card.

Fitness Sport

Fitness Sport offers students a 15% discount on everything in stock that is not on sale, with the student card.

Feed The Viking

Feed The Viking helps students choosing healthy with a 25% discount of protein rich Icelandic Jerky. Use promo code “STUDENTASNAKK” on – Jerky is ideal for the keto-lifestyle, sports, outdoors activities and even study sessions!