Reykjavík Design

Reykjavík Design offers students a 10% discount of all merchandise upon presentation of the Student Card.

The discount is not valid for other offers.

OSS – Electric bike & scooter rental

OSS provides students at the University of Iceland a special deal when purchasing credit from the company. Students have to log in with their hi-email in the OSS app. Available credits are 1.000 KR, 2.500 KR, 5.000 KR and 10.000 KR.

  • Purchases for 1.000 provides 1.400 KR credit (additional 200 kr for UI students)
  • Purchases for 2.500 provides 4.000 KR credit (additional 750 kr for UI students)
  • Purchases for 5.000 provides 9.000 KR credit (additional 2.000 kr for UI students)
  • Purchases for 10.000 provides 20.000 KR credit (additional 5.000 kr for UI students)

Students need to send an email to with the amount of credit and their email (hi-email) to activate the credit.

Hidden Iceland

Hidden Iceland is a family-owned travel company that specializes in both short and long trips around Iceland with a tour guide. Hidden Iceland gives a 25% discount to all students with the code STUDENT25 on any of the scheduled tours at all time!


Tékkland car insoection offers students a 25% discount, all days of the year with the student card.


Sjónlag ophthalmology center offers students a discount with the student card. offers students a 10% discount with the promo code “studentaparty” on their website.


PLUSMINUS OPTIC offers students a 15% discount on spectacles upon presentation of the Student Card.


Orkusalan offers students the first month free!

If another persons is registered for the bill, then the application is filled in as that individual (e.g. spouse, cohabitant, parent if the student lives in the parents’ house) but the student (together with kennitala) is then registered in the comment section in the application.


Kvikk scervices offers students a 10% discount on auto repair and car part sales with the student card.


Hrím veitir stúdentum 10% afslátt með framvísun Stúdentakortsins.